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Welcome To Matriye Academy

Welcome To Matriye Academy

Welcome To Matriye Academy

We are an emerging player in the digital learning industry that offers virtual courses that include theory, lectures, live assessment, practical, and placement assistance.

We provide a world-class online tutoring and learning management system for universities and teachers to conduct academic sessions with the latest technology and world-class trainer. 

We are helping every dedicated instructor to enjoy a new mode of online tutoring job and gain entrance into working from home in the educational industry with the support of our brand-new technological innovations.

From the perspective of a student, we are the most trusted assistant to complete your academic sessions, improve your professional skills, and keep your competitive exam preparations on track, whereas from the perspective of a tutor, we are the all-in-one EdTech platform to conduct live online classes, e training and also you can create and sell courses, and earn extra income. In addition to online learning, we provide placement opportunities, profile development, resume building, and interviews.

Give the gift of life

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our story

We believe that there is a better approach to take education to the next level through the power of online learning. A more valuable, less intrusive method in which students are taught and developed in relation to job needs.


our mission

We are on a mission to create an excellent online learning environment that promotes educational excellence, nurtures today's young talents, and develops the new generation of bureaucrats. 


our vision

We aim to combine classroom teaching instruction with cutting-edge online learning.

We are raising educational standards by introducing online learning, which allows every student to learn from the comfort of their own home.  

Why choose us



We have a team of qualified and experienced experts that dedicate their whole day to creating unique and excellent EdTech solutions. 


Clarify and Define

We are pleased to establish your EdTech goals and offer our proven solutions to help you get there.


Monitoring Progress

We not only assist you in starting up toward your EdTech goals, but we also continuously check your progress, making it easier for you to attain your goals sooner.


Customize Solutions

Develop solutions for every Enterprises user based on their specific requirements and needs. They may create a Digital Campus without any prior understanding of technology. EdTech Platform is really simple to use.


Daily Live Classes

Connect with your instructor every day via live lessons and improve your skills to succeed. There is no longer any need to go a considerable distance to fulfill your desire for learning and development.



Punctuality shows concern and attention. Being late is a gesture of disrespect and insult. As a result, we offer our financial services on time to keep you pleased and one step ahead of your competitors.


Learn Anytime

Numerous materials are now accessible because to the widespread use of smartphones, high-speed internet, and advances in online education


Educational Power

When you mention our certification in your resume or profile, you have a chance to grab the recruiter’s attention as our certifications are becoming a benchmark for hiring talents in India.


About Co-Founder & CEO

In 2020, Kumar Sanjeev had the concept for Matriye Academy. Matriye Academy edtech's vision was to provide personalized education technology and a low-cost education to anybody and wherever. Kumar Sanjeev is a marketer and technologist. He graduated from Pune University with a master's degree in business administration. He has over 8 years of consulting and strategy design experience in e-commerce, the financial market, online learning, and, more recently, the IT security business. His ability to identify commercial opportunities and aid organizations in achieving their goals sets him unique. He currently oversees the organization's entire operations and plays a key role in strategic decision-making.

Kumar Sanjeev

CEO & Co-Founder