ERP Software for College and University.

LMS and ERP Software

You may manage your entire institute's activities with the help of the ERP software. With the help of our LMS software, your instructors may create interesting lessons and monitor student progress over the course of the semester.

Create Your Own digital Campus.

Best EdTech Software for Free.

With the mission statement "assist enhance student employability," Matriye Academy offers India's top faculties and universities a distinctive EdTech platform with secure SSL.

To be more precise, we not only provide academic or professional courses, also we do assist enterprises (universities and organizations) in developing online courses using our Integrated LMS. (Learning Management System)

We have created world-class E-learning software that is free to use and allows you to design your courses, upload student data, conduct unlimited live sessions, and free classes, and complete your academic syllabus. 

Why choose us


Work-Based Learning Projects

Accelerate the acquisition of job-related skills. SkillSets are ready-made, job-based learning programs that combine world-class courses with Projects to develop target skill proficiency.


Build a Skilled Workforce

Make your employees data-driven and highly educated. Entrepreneurs can use cutting-edge EdTech technologies to teach and construct digital campuses.


Admin Control

It is simpler to handle students, teachers, and courses using the admin management structure. Automation reduces tedious paperwork while assuring accurate accounting. Reduce and control daily infrared costs.


Management Software for Institutes.

You will get access to the best-in-class Institute Management Software, which is practically a full-fledged ERP for managing all aspects of your center, including Admission - Fees Management


Matriye EdTech for Campus

Matriye EdTech for Campus is an online education platform that enables any university to provide job-relevant, credit-ready online education to students, teachers, and staff.


Build your own Courses & Brand.

You can instantly design your courses, add student data, have an unlimited number of live sessions, take free lessons, and complete your academic program from a single platform.


Employee & Student Training.

Encourage your employees to advance your business. Improve your team member's soft skills, project management skills, or domain knowledge.


Completing Academic Course

Academic Course Completion is a platform that connects you with course creators that create engaging and high-quality courses while charging less, saving time, and collaborating in real time

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