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Fashion Designer

To have a future in this sector, one must have an artistic and creative nature in addition to the necessary educational qualifications.

Runali Deb Roy

Last Update : 17 Apr 2023


Explore the World of Fashion Design

One of the most popular Design specializations among students is fashion design. Every year, millions of applicants enrolled on various Fashion design institutions around the country with the hope of one day becoming successful fashion designers. Candidates at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels can enroll in the Fashion Design program.

Explore the World of Fashion Design

  • Innovative new design process strategies based on original research
  • Discover how to exhibit collaboration with other companies.
  • Learn how to include environmentally responsible activities into product development.
  • Understand of the sociocultural link between society and fashion

Course Content

6 Lessons 45m

Fashion Designing as a Career

Aspirants who want to work in the fashion sector must be well-versed in a variety of materials, weaves, drape properties, colors, and shifting trends.

Improve your subject-matter knowledge.

This course is part of the Specialisation in Transforming the Fashion Business. When you register for this course, you will also be registered for this Specialisation.

Experts in the sector will teach you fresh ideas. Learn the fundamentals of a subject or tool. Develop job-related skills through hands-on initiatives. Earn a career credential that may be shared.

Syllabus for Fashion Designing

The topics taught as part of a Fashion Design course differ depending on the degree/diploma/certificate awarded to students upon completion of the programme. Aside from that, the fashion design course curriculum may differ slightly from one college to the next.

Syllabus for Fashion Designing

Course Structure


Module 1
5 ratings 4 reviews

  1. Introduction 


Module 2
5 ratings 4 reviews

  1. Heroes


Module 3
5 ratings 4 reviews

  1. Silhouettes 


Module 4
5 ratings 4 reviews

  1. Lifecycle 


Module 5
4 ratings 2 reviews

  1. Modesty 


Module 6
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  1. Expression 

Course Instructor

Shruti Koli
20 Tutorials 50 Students

Better place to study at your leisure, and you can acquire whatever skill you choose. It's an online course, but it's simple to learn, and you get faculty help as well... In a nutshell, it's the ideal location to study.

Ravikant Sharma
20 Tutorials 50 Students

The website is a fascinating concept with several options to explore. The project is unusual in that it provides women with access to a variety of courses, which is really beneficial. The website interface is straightforward to use, and enrolling is equally simple. 

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