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Empower citizens and public officials with in-demand skills

Drive long-term economic growth and build a competitive workforce through online learning from leading companies and universities.

By using world's top skills platform, start preparing for jobs of the future
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World-class content

Provide access to courses, projects, and Professional Certificates from 250+ leading universities and companies.


Learn anywhere, anytime

Videos, assignments, and readings are accessible in several languages and can be accessed via the web or mobile device.


Recognized credentials

After successfully completing a course, students have the option of getting a verified certificate.


Hands-on learning

Flexible learning options, industry-relevant projects, & opportunities to create in-demand, localized material all help to promote jobs.


Strategic guidance

Develop and maintain successful learning programs, our Customer Success team interacts with you.


Practical knowledge

The Skills Dashboard allows you to track skill growth by role, domain, & degree of expertise.


Increase your data power

Learning design and delivery are both a science and an art. Data may be utilized to guide decision-making at every stage. 


Create your own skilling stack.

Reskilling thousands of people at scale necessitates considerable effort in developing an end-to-end skilling stack.

Matriye Academy
Provides the entire workforce with the in-demand skills and learning paths.

More than 100 government agencies have grown workforce development programs using Coursera's data-driven expertise, skills-based learning pathways, and recognized certificates.
Reskilling Citizens

More than 100 government agencies have grown workforce development programs using Matriye Academy's data-driven expertise, skills-based learning pathways, and recognized certificates.

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Upskilling Public Officials
Government agencies collaborate with Course to upskill their workforces, accelerate digital transformation, and drive modernization projects. Their training programs emphasize digital preparedness, data literacy, and leadership.
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