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Chemical Reaction refers to the change of one chemical compound into another.

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Dive into the Fascinating World of Chemistry

Class 10 chemistry study materials are created in a highly methodical manner for students. We make certain that the study material we supply corresponds to the national-level competitive tests. It is not difficult to study essentials in class 10 chemistry.

The entire study material has been divided into numerous pieces based on the necessity for learning. The class 10 chemistry study material may also be used for revision. Because chemistry serves as a basis for students wishing to pursue a career in the science field. The class 10 chemistry study material may be used to provide a thorough review immediately before the exams. The study material is designed to bits under the supervision of specialists who have extensive expertise in teaching chemical courses.

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Course Content

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How Can I Learn 10th Chemistry Effectively?

Our academic experts have supplied solutions to every critical issue. Students who are short on time can easily browse through the study material offered by specialists. We have divided the whole curriculum into parts to assist students in efficiently planning their study schedules.

Why is 10th grade Chemistry important?

The Class 10 Chemistry syllabus is critical for pupils. Because CBSE modifies the syllabus every year, the number of subjects connected to each chapter fluctuates. Because of the pandemic in 2019, the CBSE lowered the syllabus for Class 10 Science by about 30%. You may not be able to earn full marks in exams if you do not keep track of the subjects to be studied in a course. The chemistry syllabus also includes the test structure, goals, and marking scheme, which will assist you in planning your study time

Class 10th Chemistry

Chemistry in 10th grade is part of the science curriculum. Chemical reactions and equations, acid, bases, and salt, metals and nonmetals, carbon and its compounds, and the periodic table are all covered in the class 10 chemistry syllabus. Chemistry is an integral element of the class 10 science curriculum. This Class 10 Chemistry page provides all of the subjects covered in each chapter of the NCERT textbook's Class 10 Chemistry curriculum. Students may find free study material on the linked ideas by following the links on the subtopics (prepared by chemistry subject experts for CBSE students).

Class 10th Chemistry

Course Structure


Chapter 1 – Chemical ReactionChapter 1
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  1. Chemical reactions
  2. Balanced chemical equation
  3. Types of chemical reactions
  4. Oxidation and reduction


Chapter 2 – Acids, Bases and Salts
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  1. Acids, bases and salts
  2. Concept of pH scale
  3. Preparation of Sodium Hydroxide
  4. Uses of Sodium Hydroxide
  5. Bleaching powder 
  6. Baking soda
  7. Washing soda 
  8. Plaster of Paris

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