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It enables you to generate scientific information and theories about whatever you come across in the world.

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Last Update : 07 Jan 2023


Overview of the CBSE Class 11 Biology Course

As part of test preparation, it is essential to know the CBSE Class 11 Biology curriculum. Students who only study for fun will not benefit from it. They must concentrate on their academics and study the themes in the Class 11 Biology Syllabus. Each subject and subtopic will have a corresponding grade, along with the amount of time it takes to cover them. Students should create an appropriate schedule based on these theoretical contents that are required to be learned according to the CBSE curriculum; thus one can stay focused on their science studies during their higher secondary coursework.      

Course Curriculum and Topics Covered in CBSE Class 11 Biology

  • Enhance knowledge of biology's & fundamental concepts.
  • Develop abilities important to the study and practice of biology.
  • Encourage a methodical approach to problem solving.
  • Promote effective communication.
  • Promote understanding of basic biological principles

Course Content

65 Lessons 45m

Course Description & Detail

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is responsible for managing the curriculum within the Biology syllabus for Class 11. The board has released a timeline or classroom notes to ensure that students and teachers alike know what's expected of them and how the curriculum is structured plans in accordance with COVID-19 Pandemic standards. Please, refer to the link above for more information about the 2021-22 academic year for CBSE Board Class 11 Biology.   

CBSE Class 11 Biology Notes

We have posted 11th Class Biology Notes here to assist students in learning more successfully. All of the major ideas and visuals are included in this CBSE Notes for Class 11 Biology to help students study the chapters effectively. The notes adhere to the most recent CBSE syllabus and norms in order to assist pupils to perform well in examinations. Students can also download the notes in PDF and review the relevant subjects whenever they have time. It is also recommended to use the CBSE Notes for Class 11 Biology to rapidly access the specifics of a specific chapter.

What are the advantages of majoring in biology?

It enables students to gain a greater knowledge of their body, the function of each organ we are born with, and how our systems function. Biology not only teaches us about our biological functioning but also about the environment and ecology. Consider the animal food chain. If you are studying in the medical or health disciplines, you may consider becoming a Surgeon, Physician, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Dietician, Pharmacist, and so on. If you are interested in working with animals, you may consider becoming a Zoo Vegetarian, Zoologist, Marine Biologist, Veterinarian, Animal Trainer, Fisheries Biologist, and so on.

What are the advantages of majoring in biology?

Course Structure


Unit-I Diversity of Living Organisms
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Chapter 1: The Living World

What is living? Biodiversity; Need for classification; taxonomy and systematics; the concept of species and taxonomical hierarchy; binomial nomenclature; tools for the study of taxonomymuseums, zoological parks, herbaria, botanical gardens, keys for identification.


Unit-II Structural Organization in Plants and Animals
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Chapter 5: Morphology of Flowering Plants

Morphology and modifications: Morphology of different parts of flowering plants: root, stem, leaf, inflorescence, flower, fruit, and seed. Description of families: Fabaceae, Solanaceae, and Liliaceae (to be dealt with along with the relevant experiments of the Practical Syllabus)

Course Instructor

Shruti Koli
25 Tutorials 100 Students

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