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Class 7 Social Science is a vital topic that teaches a lot about India's history, the globe, equality, governance, democracy, gender, and so on. This course will introduce several new ideas.

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Last Update : 07 Feb 2023


Course Overview

The CBSE Class 7 Social Science Syllabus is essential since it lays out the academic content for History, Political Science, and Geography. Studying according to the Class 7 Social Science curriculum can help pupils achieve more marks because the final question paper is produced according to the syllabus.

History, Geography, and Civics are all part of the curriculum. The NCERT curriculum for Class 7 Social Science 2022-23 covers all themes and areas. Students that study according to the Class 7 Social Science syllabus will be able to comprehend concepts better and obtain higher grades.

What You'll Learn

  • This subject helps us comprehend what happened in the past and what form of economy existed.
  • A social science subject provides insight into not just the past but also the present.
  • Learn about India's history, the world, equality, government, democracy, gender, and other topics.

Course Content

28 Lessons 45m

Social Science 7th Class

The study materials include clear explanations and comprehensive discussions. NCERT Solutions provide shortcut techniques and tactics to help students answer textbook questions more quickly. Academic specialists with years of expertise wrote the solutions in line with the CBSE board's most recent syllabus. Students will be able to achieve this in their tests by utilizing these solutions.

History of Social Science in 7th Class

When it comes to exam preparation, Class 7 pupils may struggle to do well in a subject like History. History is a topic that demands a great deal of memorization. Students must devote some time and effort to recalling crucial dates and events. Students can make a note of all the major elements when studying a new chapter to make review easy.

Geography Social Science 7th Class

What exactly is geography? What is the point of studying geography? How will it benefit me in the future? All of these questions will arise in the minds of pupils when they learn a new subject. History, Civics, and Geography are the three components of Social Science in Class 7. Students will study the environment we live in and the sorts of changes that occur in Geography.

Geography Social Science 7th Class

Course Structure


History Syllabus
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  1. Where, When, and How
  2. New Kings and Kingdoms
  3. The Sultans of Delhi
  4. The Creation of An Empire
  5. Architecture as Power: Forts and Sacred Places
  6. Towns, Traders, and Craftsmen
  7. Social Change: Mobile and settled communities
  8. Popular Beliefs and Religious Debates
  9. The Flowering of Regional Cultures
  10. New Political Formations in the Eighteenth Century


Political Science Syllabus
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  1. Democracy
  2. State Government
  3. Understanding Media
  4. Unpacking Gender
  5. Markets Around Us

Course Instructor

Shruti Koli
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This website has really aided on studies for students, and the instructors have done their best to assist. 

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It was a really wonderful, really useful website. The website has all of the information about the material and course structure.

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