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Software Development.

Software development specializations and courses include the whole software development process, including development tools and processes (such as Agile development), programming languages (such as Python, C, Java, and Scala), software architecture, and testing.

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Last Update : 17 Apr 2023


Learn the Art of Software Development

In today's technologically advanced business climate, it is crucial for organizations to differentiate themselves by delivering unique goods and features through the development of software solutions that help in the company's advancement. Businesses may increase overall client experience with new features and experiences, bring new and creative goods to market, and make the entire business setup safer and scalable by being productive and efficient through software development.

Master Programming Languages and Frameworks

  • Analyze software users' demands.
  • Designing, testing, and developing software programmed to fulfil the demands of users.
  • constructing models and diagrams that depict the necessary code for software development.
  • Maintaining and testing software to keep it functional

Course Content

10 Lessons 45m

What is the Job of a Software Developer?

Software developers write the code that allows our computers to function. They create software programs like mobile apps and websites.

A software developer may write code to create new apps or enhance current ones with new features. Typically, software engineers focus on one or more programming languages. They are engaged by software development firms and are in charge of the entire site's content.

Software Developer Advantages You Should Know

One of the advantages of working as a software developer is the ability to work alone and make judgments. You may select the sort of project you want to work on and how much time you want to devote to it. This is one of the most significant advantages of being a software developer since no manager is always checking in on what has to be done. Developers, in fact, have more flexibility than everyone else in the firm provided there are no deadlines or expectations imposed by management or clients.

How to Work as a Software Developer

There are several paths to becoming a software developer, ranging from acquiring a degree or certification to self-directed study. Learn more about becoming a software developer and how to take the next step.

If you've decided to pursue a career as a software engineer, you have several options. Teaching yourself, gaining a certification, or enrolling in college to acquire a degree are all measures you may take—either one or a mix of the three can help you get the job done.

How to Work as a Software Developer

Course Structure


Module 1
5 ratings 4 reviews

  1. Open Source Software


Module 2
5 ratings 4 reviews

  1. Working in OSS Projects


Module 3
5 ratings 4 reviews

  1. Building Better OSS Projects 

Course Instructor

Shruti Koli
20 Tutorials 50 Students

It's an enjoyable experience. I enjoy how it's taught with audio and related sentences one by one, so it's organised, and I'm driven to follow through.

Ravikant Sharma
20 Tutorials 50 Students

This website is fantastic for learning. There can't be any boredom with so many explanation videos. You may learn completely focused.

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