Every Student In Every Class. True Outcomes.

Every Student In Every Class. True Outcomes. Education Technology

Every Student In Every Class. True Outcomes.

Matriye Academy offers career-relevant online E-learning programs and certifications in the Academic, Professional Courses, and Competitive exams domain. It is the Best EdTech Software in India. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a free, world-class education to anyone, everywhere. Learn to be a lifelong learner with the best professors in India, engaging video courses, and personalized learning experiences. We provide Comprehensive learning programs & Classes for all students.


Every youngster deserves the chance to learn. 617 million youngsters worldwide lack basic mathematics and reading abilities. We're a non-profit that provides them with the education they require, and we need your support. You have the power to influence a child's life. The Matriye Academy EdTech supports a collaborative culture to foster a work atmosphere that motivates our employees to strive for quality and perfection on a constant basis, resulting in high-quality EdTech solutions for our clients. We let you float your career boat across our 'Ocean of Opportunities,' and we believe in a flat hierarchy, which means no bossing - you are your own boss. We give world-class training to help you shine like a Gem. As we add additional personalities (powers) to a single project, we operate as a team. We consistently follow the motto "Work Hard - Party Hard." We enjoy seeing your happy faces, thus we provide True Compensation with No Hidden Cut-offs. Join Us today...

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