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Learning Maths in Class 3 may be enjoyable and uncomplicated, especially if kids acquire a strong interest in the subject matter.

Runali Deb Roy

Last Update : 07 Feb 2023


Course Overview

The CBSE board is a well-known educational board in India. The board was formed to give the highest quality education to all children throughout the country. The CBSE board ensures a trustworthy feature in all aspects by analyzing students' learning requirements as it creates each curriculum, textbook, sample paper, question paper, and other necessary papers for each standard.

The course intends to assist youngsters in practicing and preparing for their tests. Number sequence up to 1000, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mental arithmetic, length, weight, volume, time, data processing, geometry, and other topics are covered in class 3 math. These books are mostly designed with class 3 kids' needs in mind. Students may swiftly and easily comprehend all subjects by referring to this literature.

What You'll Learn

  • learn Maths more extensively than their first two years in primary classes.
  • Grasping fundamental ideas and solving challenging challenges in class.
  • Math 3 enhances problem-solving skills.
  • Children will learn to identify difficulties they cannot solve on their own and to seek help from the appropriate person.

Course Content

14 45m

How do you practice math in Class 3?

Class 3 Mathematics books can be practiced on a regular basis beyond school hours to increase students' concentration on the topic. Aside from the arithmetic problems and exercises, this book also includes several image puzzles, fill-in-the-gaps, and other engaging activities linked to their themes.

Math may motivate your youngster to inquire.

Children are sometimes scared to ask inquiries for fear of being embarrassed. They will begin to understand that asking questions about problem-solving and mathematical applications has many benefits and can be positive and exciting with the correct support and feedback from the people in their lives. It is hoped that their passion for knowledge would spread to other disciplines and aspects of their lives.

Math's assists in the formation of connections

Making friends is not something most people think of when it comes to the advantages of math. However, your child is likely to make one or two friends in the classroom with whom they may bond over their love of arithmetic. Furthermore, students will never be bored because there will always be new arithmetic problems to do and information to learn.

Math's assists in the formation of connections

Course Structure


Chapter 1
5 ratings 4 reviews

Where to Look From


Chapter 2
5 ratings 4 reviews

Fun With Numbers


Chapter 3
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Give and Take


Chapter 4
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Long and Short 

Course Instructor

Shruti Koli
20 Tutorials 100 Students

Positive thoughts and ideas continued to flow as the trainers' session progressed. We are all overjoyed that we were able to attend the workshop.

Ravikant Sharma
20 Tutorials 100 Students

Really appreciate the training with children's question and answer session. It was a really interactive session. The presenters' responses were thorough and straightforward

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