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Class 8 science content enhances ideas such as fibers, light, and air and water pollution by connecting them to their introductory sections.

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Science is concerned with disciplines and the study of natural phenomena. This subject delves deeply into the changes and forecasts that are taking place in the cosmos. Class 8 is a critical stage in a student's development of analytic, logical, and critical thinking abilities. Science Syllabus for Class 8 CBSE focuses on themes that provide these necessary abilities. The course includes critical information ranging from agricultural production complexity and management to fuel combustion.

Furthermore, young students can discover interactive explanations and graphics to help them understand the subject. Students who want to achieve high marks in any test, regardless of the scale, can rely on the CBSE Syllabus For Class 8 Science supplied by Matriye Academy.

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Course Content

18 Lessons 45m

The Importance of Class 8 Science Revision

Class 8 students follow a rigorous Science curriculum that includes 18 chapters covering Physics, Chemistry, and Biology fundamentals. Microorganisms, agricultural production, synthetic fibers, metals, non-metals, plant and animal conservation, reproduction, cell structure, and many more topics are available to students. They are also taught about Force, Pressure, Sound, Friction, Light, the Chemical Effects of Electric Current, Pollution, the Solar System, and other topics. These subjects are addressed in the key chapters of Class 8 Science. Students may quickly obtain all of the contents of the chapters by downloading Class 8th Science Notes. They will be able to comprehend the topics better and hence prepare for their exams.

What Are the Different Types of Science?

To understand the features of living and non-living things, science has been separated into numerous branches that deal with the study of specific requirements. Science is further subdivided into three major branches, which are as follows:

Physics is the discipline of study concerned with the physical phenomena associated with the objects around us.

Chemistry is the study of matter and the chemical phenomena that occur because of, it. Essentially, it is a study of composition, reactivity, and characteristics.

Biology is the field of science that studies living organisms, primarily plants, and animals.

The Importance of Science and Technology in Various Fields

Because of the benefits of science, the world's civilizations have advanced to a greater level. Science has made many contributions to making our daily lives more pleasant and convenient. Today's globe understands the significance of Green Chemistry and Geology. We don't have to spend the night in the dark. This was made feasible by the introduction of light bulbs and electricity.

The Importance of Science and Technology in Various Fields

Course Structure


1. Food
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  1. Crop production
  2. Micro-organisms


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  1. Materials in daily life
  2. Different kinds of materials and their reactions
  3. How things change/ react with one another

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