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Class 8 Social Science is divided into three parts. Each component covers the most important chapters in Geography, History, and Civics.

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Explore the World of Social Science in Class 8

In comparison to other areas, social science is a huge field. Students require a reference guide to keep track of the topics they have learned and those they still need to study. This is when the NCERT Syllabus comes in handy.

 Students will be able to work toward society's growth if they grasp how it works from a larger viewpoint. Similarly, learning Geography with a concentration on Indian physical geographical characteristics would be quite beneficial in answering map-related questions. The CBSE Social Science curriculum for Class 8 is divided into three sections: history, geography, and social and political life. The History section discusses the events that occurred in India following the Revolt of 1857. The geography section covers information about India's physical characteristics, drainage, climate, natural flora, and wildlife, among other things.

Dive into the Fascinating Subjects of History, Geography, and Civics

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Course Content

28 Lessons 45m

The Importance of Social Science in Class 8

Social Science is an essential topic for students in Class 8. However, due to the extensive curriculum, young students are sometimes perplexed about what and how to study. We have NCERT Books for Class 8 Social Science, History, Geography, and Civics to help kids with this difficulty. NCERT Volumes include all of the facts and information in a succinct way, allowing students to avoid the strain of large books and long chapters. Furthermore, all of the content contained in the Class 8 Social Science NCERT Books is accurate, legitimate, and reliable. 

What chapters are there in Class 8?

Class 8 History Notes 1: How, When, and Where Class 8 Notes 2: From Trade to Territory Class 8 Notes 3: Ruling the Countryside Class 8 Notes 4 Tribals, Dikus, and the Vision of a Golden Age Class 8 Notes 5 When People Rebel Class 8 Notes 6 Colonialism and the City Class 8 Notes 7 More to come...

Social Science Class 8th

Class 8 Social Science educates students about historical events, geographical ideas, and civics through chapters. Students will learn how to answer the difficult questions that will be on the test. They will comprehend the full syllabus of the NCERT Textbook in accordance with CBSE board norms. The expert teachers apply their knowledge to accurately compose chapter solutions. Students will be able to figure out and address their doubts by following these answers.

Social Science Class 8th

Course Structure


Syllabus for Class 8 Social Science: History
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  1. Where, When, How
  2. The Establishment of Company Power
  3. Rural Life and Society
  4. Colonialism and Tribal Societies
  5. Crafts and Industries
  6. The Revolt of 1857-58
  7. Education and British rule
  8. Women and reform
  9. Challenging the Caste System
  10. Colonialism and Urban Change
  11. Changes in the Arts: Painting, Literature, Architecture
  12. The Nationalist Movement 
  13. India after Independence


Social Science Syllabus: Geography
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  1. Unit 1: The Constitution
  2. Unit 2: Parliamentary Government
  3. Unit 3: The Judiciary
  4. Unit 4: Social Justice and the Marginalised
  5. Unit 5: Economic Presence of the Government

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