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The fascinating subjects of motion, gravity, sound, work, and power are just a few of the topics covered in class 9 physics.

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Last Update : 08 Feb 2023


Overview of CBSE 9th Grade Physics Curriculum

Have you ever felt anxious and restless because of an examination? This emotion might drive one to make mistakes in even the answers to questions they normally know. As a result, an NCERT Class 9 Solutions Book ensures that pupils focus exclusively on vital topics. Sticking to significant themes becomes crucial due to the shift in policies in the post-pandemic era.

With the New Education Policy's introduction, the Indian educational system underwent a revolutionary upheaval. The policy states that CBSE is implementing a new assessment and evaluation process that includes competency-based questions. Real-world application-based questions will assess a student's conceptual understanding. These will be covered in the board examinations for classes 10 and 12 as well as the final exams for classes 9 and 11. For classes 9–10 and for classes 11–12, these competency-based questions will be given a weight of 30% and 20%, respectively.

Topics Covered in CBSE 9th Grade Physics Course

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Course Content

10 Lessons 45m

CBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus

The 9th Class Science curriculum includes topics from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Students will be able to create a foundation for higher scientific ideas by studying the topics included in the CBSE 9th science syllabus. The Science Syllabus for Class 9 for the 2022-23 academic session has not been changed, and no new topics have been introduced.

What is class 9 Physics?

Motion, gravity, sound, work, power, and other exciting subjects are covered in Class 9 physics. These subjects are critical for students interested in pursuing a career in the Physics profession. Master these ideas and lay a solid foundation to further your knowledge of the subject.

Importance of Class 9 Physics

GeeksforGeeks has established a unique way to school learning using CBSE Class 9 Physics notes. Physics is one of the most important courses on the Class 9 Science Syllabus. It helps students in better comprehension of intriguing subjects. The study of how motion, force, work, sound, gravity, energy, and power interact and affect our lives. GeeksforGeeks created a detailed topic theory to provide a solid foundation 4 Class 9 Physics.

Importance of Class 9 Physics

Course Structure


Unit I: Physical World and Measurement
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Chapter–2: Units and Measurements Need for measurement: Units of measurement; systems of units; SI units, fundamental and derived units. significant figures. Dimensions of physical quantities, dimensional analysis, and its applications.


Unit II: Kinematics
4 ratings 2 reviews

Chapter–3: Motion in a Straight Line Frame of reference, Motion in a straight line, Elementary concepts of differentiation and integration for describing motion, uniform and non- uniform motion, instantaneous velocity, uniformly accelerated motion, velocity - time and position-time graphs. Relations for uniformly accelerated motion (graphical treatment).

Course Instructor

Shruti Koli
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Ravikant Sharma
25 Tutorials 100 Students

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