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Graphic Design

Create an eye-catching design. Learn and apply graphic design principles to a comprehensive branding project.

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Last Update : 13 Apr 2023


Unlock Your Creative Potential with Graphic Design

The process of developing aesthetically appealing content that may convey a message, story, or concept is known as graphic design. Students that study Graphic Develop learn how to design logos, cover pages, thumbnails, and banners.

The process of creating visual content to communicate information/messages to the masses is referred to as graphic design. Graphic Design, which is considered a subset of Communication Design, is used to create visual content by combining elements such as photographs, colors, typography, illustrations, and icons.

Graphic design is an art form that was first used around 17,000 years ago to create cave paintings. It is now used to create logos, designs used in books, newspapers, and magazines, advertising, product packaging, signage, and the like. Graphic designers frequently have enough freedom to create their content without regard for programming, resolution, or speed.

Learn the Art of Visual Communication and Design

  • Learn the core skills required to work as a graphic designer.
  • Create images and use typography to communicate
  • Completing a capstone project will allow you to expand your professional portfolio.
  • Discover all you need to know about interface design, motion graphics, and editorial design.

Course Content

10 Lessons 45m

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What is graphic design?

As previously said, graphic design is the act of producing visual concepts utilizing computer software to communicate ideas to customers. Simply said, graphic design is the art of expressing or displaying various ideas or concepts through visual and typographic components. Because visual communication is the most effective, everyone employs graphic design to express their ideas to customers.

Graphic design can be found everywhere in our daily lives, such as in advertisements, infographics, magazines, book covers, product labels, company logos, business cards, website layouts, mobile apps, and so on. Companies mostly utilize it to market their products. Graphic designs help to draw people to posters and thus promote products.

What is graphic design?

Course Structure


Paper I
5 ratings 4 reviews

  1. Basic Information
  2. Colour Theory
  3. Visual Communication
  4. Team Management
  5. Generic Skills
  6. Character Design
  7. Background Concept
  8. 2D & 3D Animation
  9. Digital Publishing
  10. Typography
  11. Introduction to Multimedia
  12. Multimedia Authoring


Paper II
5 ratings 4 reviews

  1. Introduction to Computer Animation
  2. Voice Breakdown
  3. Animation & Production Process
  4. Modeling using CAD
  5. Web Campaign Implementation
  6. Scripting for the Web
  7. Digital Portfolio Development
  8. Live Project

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