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CBSE 11th

The 11th Economics NCERT is a section of Social Studies that focuses on the allocation, production, and consumption of commodities and services.

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Last Update : 24 Jan 2023


Course Overview

Economics is a social technological know-how that deals with the production, distribution (allocation), and spending or utilisation of goods and services. It is to watch how people, trades, governments, and nations make decisions on dispersing resources to guide their goals and to try figuring out how those classes must come together and coordinate efforts to get maximum production. Economic appraisal is typically advanced by analytical methods, similar to mathematical reasoning, in which the implications of beautiful human activities are pondered in a "means-ends" substructure.

What You'll Learn

  • Our subject specialists have produced a list of crucial themes from each chapter to assist students in scoring well.
  • A better understanding of course content and weightage marks will enable better time management for each topic.
  • The division of topics into units will help pupils to identify and strengthen their weak spots.

Course Content

65 Lessons 45m

CBSE Class 11 Economics:

The Class 11 Economics syllabus is prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Economics is a topic that needs theoretical as well as practical expertise. Because economics is such an essential subject, students must completely study and comprehend the chapters. CBSE class 11 Economics includes two NCERT textbooks that students must study in order to do well in the final exam.

Details of CBSE Class 11 Economics Chapters

The Economics class 11 syllabus consists of 19 chapters in total. Two CBSE textbooks are included in the curriculum: Indian Economic Development and Statistics for Economics. Each book contains ten and nine chapters, respectively. All chapters are vital for pupils to achieve well in the test and require as much practice and review as possible.

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