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You can benefit from hands-on learning. Biology is a terrific choice for students who want hands-on learning and enjoy getting engaged in practical lectures.

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Last Update : 22 Jan 2023


Overview of the CBSE Class 12 Biology Course

Biology is the most intriguing and interesting subject, and it is also full of astonishing facts and unique discoveries. Biology is another significant topic in the scientific stream, and doing well in it can help students get jobs at reputable medical facilities and other places. It is not enough to study from the Class 12 textbook if you want to get a decent grade on the tests. Students want useful study resources and tools, such as CBSE Notes for Class 12 Biology.

Matriye Academy is a one-of-a-kind and incredible educational platform. Most notably, there is strict control over design, technology, and content. Furthermore, the abundance of practice examinations at Matriye Academy is quite beneficial to pupils. Matriye Academy also supports students in assessing their curriculum preparedness.

Course Curriculum and Topics Covered in CBSE Class 12 Biology

  • Discover the most new research methods.
  • You can discover about basic living ideas.
  • You will have a better understanding of the surroundings.
  • Explore the food chain in an ecosystem

Course Content

65 Lessons 45m

CBSE 12 Biology

Biology is a fascinating subject, and the plus two Biology revision notes can come in helpful as you prepare for your Class 12 examinations. Biology in 12th grade Matriye Academy's CBSE notes cover the most recent CBSE curriculum and are well-researched CBSE notes that help students comprehend the material thoroughly. Biology Notes for Class 12 are useful for a rapid review because they are written by subject matter specialists. Students can access these notes online or download the PDF version to use anytime they choose.

The significance of revision notes Biology, CBSE Class 12

Class 12 Biology is without a doubt one of the most significant disciplines in a student's academic schedule. The importance of learning Biology concepts is increased in Class 12 because students are introduced to exclusive topics in this class. These subjects are also crucial from the standpoint of entry. Students with a solid conceptual basis in Biology can pursue a successful career in that subject. The Class 12 Biology syllabus includes 5 units and a total of 16 separate chapters.

You can get from hands-on learning.

Biology is a terrific choice for students who want hands-on learning and enjoy getting engaged in practical lectures.


Investigating carnivorous plants, such as how the fascinating Venus Fly Traps work, studying chromatography by revealing the colors inside green leaves and why they change in Autumn, and using a binocular microscope to study plant materials and measure cell size in stomata peels are some activities you might encounter in Biology class during secondary school and sixth form college. Not to mention the countless field excursions you will be able to participate in!

You can get from hands-on learning.

Course Structure


Chapter 1: Reproduction in Organisms
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Reproduction, a characteristic feature of all organisms for continuation of species; Asexual reproduction Modes of reproduction-Asexual and sexual reproduction; Modes-Binary fission, sporulation, budding, gemmule, fragmentation; vegetative propagation in plants.


Chapter 2: Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
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Flower structure; Development of male and female gametophytes; Pollination-types, agencies and examples; Outbreedings devices; Pollen-Pistil interaction; Double fertilization; Post fertilization events-Development of endosperm and embryo, Development of seed and formation of fruit; Special modes-apomixis, parthenocarpy, polyembryony; Significance of seed and fruit formation.

Course Instructor

Shruti Koli
25 Tutorials 100 Students

The topic's coverage and the layout of learning information that aids understanding.

Ravikant Sharma
25 Tutorials 100 Students

Matriye Academy began an ed-tech revolution in India by expanding schooling education and managing the tuition industry. They have used technology and education well.

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