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Last Update : 07 Jan 2023


Course Overview

Class 12 Board Examination is extremely essential in a student's life, and achieving a high percentage is essential. English, being one of the most engaging subjects, may guarantee you high grades if you prepare adequately for the exam. Most English topics are focused on conceptual knowledge; so, to help you ace your exam and gain clarity on all ideas, we have provided several study materials for CBSE Class 12 English on our website. For your benefit, detailed explanations of the poems and prose are provided. This would also benefit students in their future education and entrance exams.

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Course Content

65 Lessons 45m

English Class 12 Syllabus 2023–2024

CBSE has released the class 12th syllabus for the academic year 2022-2023. This academic year, CBSE will hold its annual class 12th board exam. This page provides a summary of the English Syllabus. Students should not overlook language papers, such as English; rather, they should begin English preparation alongside other topics because it has the same weight as other subjects. Because the questions in English are easier than in other courses, this topic can help students to improve their total percentage. 

The significance of the CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus

Updated CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus: By the time students enter class 12, they should have gained a respectable level of language competency in English, and the curriculum primarily strives to cultivate higher-order language abilities.

For many students, the higher secondary level will be a preparation for university, where a fairly high level of English proficiency may be required. However, for another large group, the higher secondary level may prepare them for entry into the professional field. Core courses should cater to both groups by promoting language skills needed for academic study as well as language skills needed for the workplace.

Use of Class 12 English

12 English Book is essential for students and teachers in the learning and teaching process. The Class 12 book contains a framework of course information that is necessary to study for the full academic year. The Class 12 English books seek to improve students' comprehension and reading abilities. Each chapter is discussed in easy terms to lead students in the proper route.

Students who want to do well in their board examinations can use our website. Because we give all of the information and resources for the board exam question paper, which is based on the topics presented in the NCERT Books. 

Use of Class 12 English

Course Structure


Flamingo Prose Class 12
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Flamingo Prose Class 12  

  1. Lesson Number 1: The Last Lesson (Alphonse Daudet)
  2. Lesson Number 2: Lost Spring (Anees Jung)
  3. Lesson Number 3: Deep Water (William Douglas)
  4. Lesson Number 4: The Rattrap (Selma Lagerlof)
  5. Lesson Number 5: Indigo (Louis Fischer)
  6. Lesson Number 6: Poets and Pancakes
  7. Lesson Number 7: The Interview
  8. Lesson Number 8: Going Places (A. R. Barton)


Flamingo Poetry Class 12
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Flamingo Poetry Class 12  

  1. Poem Number 1: My Mother at Sixty–Six (Kamala Das)
  2. Poem Number 2: An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum (Stephen Spender)
  3. Poem Number 3: Keeping Quiet (Pablo Neruda)
  4. Poem Number 4: A Thing of Beauty (John Keats)
  5. Poem Number 5: A Roadside Stand
  6. Poem Number 6: Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers (Adrienne Rich)

Course Instructor

Shruti Koli
25 Tutorials 100 Students

There are so many courses, so many professors, and so many high-quality study materials available on it. You may also administer quizzes, which are quite useful for improving your time management abilities. I enjoy taking quizzes since it boosts my confidence as well as my knowledge.

Ravikant Sharma
25 Tutorials 100 Students

Matriye Academy is one of the greatest platforms for studying and learning the chapters in a smart way, with animations and enjoyment. I don't think any other platform provides such a vast experience as Matriye Academy.

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