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Learning EVS will allow kids to explore and associate with their natural and man-made environment.

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Last Update : 07 Feb 2023


Course Overview

EVS, or Environmental Studies, is one of the most essential disciplines given to children throughout their early years of education. Learning EVS will allow kids to explore and associate with their natural and man-made environment. Class 2 EVS will provide a solid basis for understanding Science and will assist students in developing their own insights into how various objects work in and around their immediate environment.

Class 2 is a pivotal point in any student's life. Here, we provide you with all of the materials you may want for the study of Standard 2 Environmental Science.

What You'll Learn

  • Increase language proficiency mostly through oral input in meaningful settings.
  • Deliver and monitor spoken and spoken-and-written input exposure and understanding.
  • Helps students in developing a functioning competency in the language, particularly in listening with comprehension and basic oral production.
  • Enjoy doing tasks in English (such as singing a rhyme or recognizing a person, item, or thing).

Course Content

13 Lessons 45m

Session 2023-24 Syllabus

The curriculum prioritizes understanding nature and its surroundings in the minds of all students. The kids will be shown their surroundings. Teachers are instructed to concentrate mostly on practical examples. Theoretical examples are also required, and teachers' teaching requirements are widely defined. Guardians and parents are also recommended to value both practical and theoretical learning approaches equally. The syllabus contains some basic themes such as "life and non-living organisms", "atmosphere", "food, health and hygiene" and "our universe"

Resources of Use

Aside from the EVS textbooks for class 2, students may turn to various more useful resources for practice problems and clarification of ideas. Other study tools, such as worksheets, sample papers, NCERT answers, reference books, and so on, may be very beneficial to students' preparation.

Why should students study Matriye Academy's Class 2 EVS?

Matriye Academy is one of the most reputable and recognized learning websites. We provide a wide range of tools and learning materials to assist children in improving their understanding of many disciplines. Our resources are real, well-structured, and meticulously crafted.

Why should students study Matriye Academy's Class 2 EVS?

Course Structure


Chapter 1
5 ratings 3 reviews

The invention of the Wheel


Chapter 2
5 ratings 4 reviews

Good Habits


Chapter 3
4 ratings 4 reviews

Means of Communication


Chapter 4
4 ratings 4 reviews



Chapter 5
4 ratings 4 reviews

World Around Me

Course Instructor

Shruti Koli
25 Tutorials 100 Students

Great free training software..... They educate excellently and help you comprehend topics graphically, making the courses more exciting and useful. Furthermore, one may take a variety of examinations to track progress and even attend live sessions.

Ravikant Sharma
25 Tutorials 100 Students

One of the best websites I've ever visited. The examinations offer you your score, statistics, and areas for improvement, as well as the greatest video lectures with flawless management and difficult practice problems.

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