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GK for KG imparts basic learning about current affairs for Class 1 kids and enhances their knowledge about daily activities

Runali Deb Roy

Last Update : 06 Feb 2023


Course Overview

GK Questions for Kids are an important element of learning for children in grades one, two, three, and four. Children in KG Class 1, nursery, LKG, and UKG should begin studying general information at a young age. Remembering the general knowledge questions for class 1, nursery, KG, LKG, and UKG is something that nourishes the children and aids in brain development. It also improves children's general comprehension and learning ability. Preparing your child for the future is analogous to planting a tree and watering it to ensure its survival and growth.

What You'll Learn

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence in kids.
  • Learning basic general awareness will improve their understanding about current affairs.
  • GK helps the growth of your child's general personality and increases his or her awareness.
  • Helps your child learn a variety of topics and grow smarter and more active.

Course Content

65 Lessons 45m

The Importance of General Knowledge

A broad knowledge base is essential for success in various scenarios, and it can help you win practically everything in everyday life. General knowledge (GK) is necessary for pupils to succeed in today's society. It assists pupils in developing a sense of self from a young age, which only broadens their perspective on the world as they age. Knowledge gained outside the classroom syllabus will help youngsters flourish in their professional lives later in life.

GK resources Kids' Quiz Questions

We offer the best-in-class sheets of GK questions for kids, complete with solutions. Our specialists construct each GK quiz question for kids with the child's learning ability and attention span in mind.

These sheets of essential GK Topics for Kids with Answers feature colorful visuals and fascinating questions. There are simple quiz questions and answers and some brain teasers for kids to solve.

Are you aware of how to solve the most crucial GK questions?

Never, ever worry. For all of your questions about GK practice for your child, Matriye Academy is the one-stop resource. We offer a wide selection of kids GK questions with solutions for kids. These easy GK questions for kids in English have been painstakingly prepared in such an engaging manner that youngsters find it both tough and interesting.


Are you aware of how to solve the most crucial GK questions?

Course Instructor

Shruti Koli
25 Tutorials 100 Students

This course is well-designed and useful to both new and experienced students.

Ravikant Sharma
25 Tutorials 100 Students

The instructor was extremely educated and always attentive to queries. The material and time management were excellent. I am capable of completing all of the labs within the course time frame.

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