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Because Mathematics teaches logic and order, it helps children think logically.

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Last Update : 07 Feb 2023


Course Overview

CBSE Class 5 Math's Syllabus is an important topic for all students. Because Mathematics teaches logic and order, studying it helps pupils think logically. Every Mathematics question may be solved in a variety of ways, and each student's approach to addressing each issue is unique.

The class 5 topics will come in handy later in higher levels. Math is one of these subjects that requires a firm foundation. As a result, we are offering CBSE 5th class mathematics textbook answers of math magic, which may assist students in locating solutions to exercises and so having a better comprehension of the topic.

What You'll Learn

  • By providing real-world examples, it helps you comprehend how theory connects to situations.
  • Helps you improve your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Improve your ability to answer problems and equations properly and fast.
  • Increase children's natural interest in arithmetic and their readiness to use it.
  • Learning to approach challenges from many viewpoints may build a curious and imaginative mindset.

Course Content

14 Lessons 45m

Maths enhances problem-solving abilities.

One of the most significant advantages of practicing and understanding arithmetic is the ability to solve problems. Maths provides youngsters with a methodical approach to problem-solving through reasoning.

This implies that youngsters may examine unexpected situations, assess them, and then go to the next logical step, helping them to acquire a mentality that allows them to figure out a series of actions to solve any problem. This is not to imply that mathematical reasoning can solve every difficulty that youngsters face, but it may certainly point them in the right direction.

Improve Your Math's Skills in Class 5

Class 5 math focuses on the development of numerous real-life abilities in pupils. Students develop their basic mathematics abilities at this stage, such as measuring quantities, and determining multiples, factors, and time. A solid comprehension of these Class 5 math ideas may be achieved through a variety of interactive exercises and visuals.

Topics Covered in CBSE Class 5 Math Worksheets

The CBSE Class 5 Math worksheets cover subjects such as shapes and angles, parts and wholes, how many squares, ways to multiply and divide, tenths and hundredths, patterns, and more.

 Because the Maths worksheets supplied here are developed in accordance with CBSE Class 5 Maths, students should practice the problems in the worksheets on a regular basis once they have completed the entire Class 5 Maths syllabus.

Topics Covered in CBSE Class 5 Math Worksheets

Course Structure


Lesson 1
4 ratings 3 reviews

The Fish Tale


Lesson 2
4 ratings 4 reviews

Shapes and Angles


Lesson 3
5 ratings 4 reviews

How Many Squares?


Lesson 4
4 ratings 3 reviews

Parts and Wholes

Course Instructor

Shruti Koli
20 Tutorials 100 Students

Shruti has a natural talent for teaching. Her courses appear to be for fun, yet there is a lot of serious learning going on. I was already an intermediate/advanced student, but I learned something new and had a great time doing it!

Ravikant Sharma
20 Tutorials 100 Students

Ravi's teaching style is great and refreshing!! He's gentle and encouraging, but he also understands how to inspire his students. He excels in instilling confidence and making courses enjoyable and engaging by incorporating a range of exercises that develop conversation, writing, and reading abilities.

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