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CBSE Class 5 Science enables students to go deeper into their studies by writing, reading, understanding, and remembering key concepts.

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Explore the Fascinating World of Science

This subject covers all of the important ideas relating to the environment. Students are the world's future, and it is critical that they learn about the world's environmental processes and changes. As a result, Environmental Studies is regarded as one of the most significant aspects of their curriculum. To assist them in completing their syllabus.

It is essential to introduce the appropriate approach to learning the subject because it is intended for class 5 students.

Dive into Topics of Life, Physical, and Earth Sciences

  • Helps students to study deeper in writing, reading, understanding and memorizing important concepts.
  • Science allows us to operate at a faster speed, which saves time and energy.
  • Science is a method of gaining information about the world.
  • Discover new concepts that enlighten the world around us.

Course Content

22 Lessons 45m

Use of class 5 Science

CBSE Class 5 Science Syllabus enables students to go deeper into their studies by writing, reading, comprehending, and memorizing key topics. Science is an important subject for Class 5 students who want to pursue a career in engineering or medicine. The CBSE Class 5 curriculum details the course structure, weightage of marks, time limit, and so on. It assists students in understanding the things they must master during the school year. 

Importance of Class 5 science

Students in CBSE Class 5 begin to lay a solid foundation of fundamentals and solidify the abilities they have acquired throughout lower elementary school in preparation for upper primary school. So, it is crucial for every child to pass class five with complete comprehension. Class 5 offers an easy-to-understand yet varied selection of topics, moving on from whole numbers to subjects like decimals, lines, and angles, among others. 

Significance of Class 5 science

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is well-known for its well-structured syllabus and carefully managed exam pattern. The CBSE 5th class science textbook is created by subject specialists in accordance with the most recent CBSE syllabus. Books are highly significant since they supply all of the necessary knowledge in an intelligible manner. Matriye Academy offers CBSE class 5 science books that students may use to properly prepare for their exams.

Significance of Class 5 science

Course Structure


Chapter 1
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Super Senses


Chapter 2
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A Snake Charmer’s Story


Chapter 3
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 From Tasting to Digesting

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Extremely wonderful and helpful website for everyone. It provides many reference papers and animation videos.

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