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Class 6 focuses on the rules and principles of operation of all mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as the different natural forces in our surroundings.

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Last Update : 07 Feb 2023


Course Overview

Students in Class 6 are normally exposed to science and its three branches: physics, chemistry, and biology. These sections encompass a wide range of topics concerning all living and nonliving objects around us. Physics, in particular, is the discipline of science that focuses on the rules and principles of operation of all mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as the different natural forces in our surroundings. Chemistry in Class 6 Science educates students about the constitution of all non-living entities, elements, states of matter (solid, liquid, gaseous), and their behavior, as well as the reactions of diverse combinations that may be observed in our surroundings.

What You'll Learn

  • The syllabus introduces students to the Science subject's chapters, subjects, and sub-topics.
  • After comprehending the material, students devise a study schedule for themselves.
  • It assists students in keeping track of the things they have learned.
  • Students can prepare for the lesson ahead by understanding the syllabus.

Course Content

16 Lessons 45m

What are the advantages of Science notes for Class 6?

Students will be able to go further into the subject and master the chapters with the aid of the Science Notes for Class 6. It is simpler for students to grasp the subjects included in the chapter, and as a result, they can complete their syllabus on time.

The Importance of CBSE Class 6 Science

Students in Class 6 Science follow a structured curriculum that covers key scientific principles. With the aid of these chapters, students will be able to learn a lot about nature and the world around us. Students must acquire Class 6th Science Notes to complete the extensive Class 6 syllabus. These revision notes are crucial for students since they aid in providing a solid understanding of key ideas. With the use of review notes, students may strengthen their understanding of any topic covered in these chapters.

Science in CBSE Class 6

Matriye Academy Edtech covers every topic thoroughly. CBSE and other State Boards suggest these books. Most teachers utilize these texts in the classroom. It is also used as a reference tool to help students prepare for the midterm and final exams. The topics are described in simple language with examples and illustrations, and they are also perfect for full and thorough study to acquire a clear concept. The chapters in the books provide informative examples and practice problems to help you grasp any idea.

Science in CBSE Class 6

Course Structure


Chapter 1: Food - Where Does it Come From?
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Food - Where Does it Come From

As the name suggests, the first chapter in Class 6 Science talks about what we define as food and what are the different resources from which we get our food. The chapter includes various in-text activities that are meant to help students observe the food items they consume on a daily basis and where they get them from. Students shall be able to categorize the food items they can get from plants and animals after reading this chapter


Chapter 2 - Components of Food
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This chapter will teach students about various components of the food

We consume on an everyday basis. There are various components like carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, etc. that students will learn about. Through this chapter’s understanding, students will also be able to learn about how various food components affect our health, what is known as a balanced diet, and how it is important for everyone. 

Course Instructor

Shruti Koli
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Despite the fact that the training materials were vast, the trainers delivered them in a straightforward and practical manner. I've learned a lot. 

Ravikant Sharma
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This training was unique in its scope. The new diversified knowledge I get from the course will undoubtedly be put to practical use.

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