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Class 6 social studies is an exciting topic to study because students discover knowledge about our past and present events.

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Last Update : 07 Feb 2023


Course Overview

Social Science is an essential topic that includes historical and geographical occurrences in India and throughout the world. The CBSE class 6 Social Science topic contains History, Geography, and Political Science, and the NCERT syllabus is divided into three discrete portions into three volumes. Learning each of these courses is essential since they will be part of the curriculum until class 10th.

Everything a student learns in class six will provide the groundwork for their future education. Furthermore, from the standpoint of the exam, these courses are relatively high scoring. If the student understands how to react to questions from these topics, they can obtain extremely high marks, raising their entire grade. As a result, we've covered the CBSE class 6 Social Science courses in this post. Continue reading.

What You'll Learn

  • It makes it easier for kids to grasp challenging subjects.
  • All of the themes and subtopics are thoroughly described with relevant examples.
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Course Content

28 Lessons 45m

What exactly is social science in Class 6?

It is an intriguing topic to study since students learn about history, geography, and political life. A panel of subject specialists creates a Class 6 Social Science textbook based on the NCERT syllabus for Class 6 Social Science as stipulated by the Board.

What is CBSE Class 6?

For students, this is a year of considerable change as they apply previously gained abilities. CBSE Class 6 pupils study historical events in the context of geography, social and political considerations, and so on in their Social Science course.

Advantages of Class 6 Social Science

The NCERT class 6 social science helps students fully appreciate the meaning of all topics in such a way that they establish a firm conceptual foundation and the knowledge obtained stays with them in the future. Furthermore, the notes cover all of the topics included in the NCERT book and are presented in a very clear manner for simple comprehension by students. The notes are also produced by qualified teachers and adhere to the most recent CBSE board rules. Finally, these notes can help students prepare for exams more successfully by focusing extra attention on portions that they find particularly challenging.

Advantages of Class 6 Social Science

Course Structure


1. An Introduction to History
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When, Where and How

(a) The time frame under study.

(b) The geographical framework.

(c) Sources.


Explain the specific nature of the discipline.

(a) Familiarize the learner with the major developments to be studied.

(b) Develop an understanding of the significance of geographical terms used during the time frame.

(c) Illustrate the sources used to reconstruct history.


2. The Earliest Societies
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(a) Hunting and gathering as a way of life, its implications.

(b) Introduction to stone tools and their use.

(c) Case study: the Deccan.


(a) Appreciate the skills and knowledge of hunter-gatherers.

(b) Identify stone artifacts as archaeological evidence, making deductions from them.

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